Any way you look, our team has you covered.

Mark Loik – Industry

Mr. Loik educated in Canada with a degree in Economics and with over 28 years of marketing and sales experience across Canada and the USA. With a background in farming, including fruit cultivation, development of new seedlings and elimination pesticides his experiences have helped in the expansion of the family farm.

Travis Creed  – Law

Mr. Creed holds degrees from Westminster College and the University of Arkansas School of Law. In addition to the practice of law, Mr. Creed has owned an electrical contracting company, a mortgage trading company, and a real estate development company. He has experience in banking including founding and serving as President of Pinnacle Resources, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pinnacle Bank in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Chelsea Zingg -FDA

As Facility Operations Manager, Chelsea leads all manufacturing and technical operations across the Aviette network.  This includes overseeing the entire process from raw material acceptance to finished product development and release, certification and compliance management, implementation of food safety and quality systems, and more.


Travis Coleman – Farming & Genetics

A third-generation produce farmer, farming in Kentucky for 30 years. Travis’s knowledge and expertise in genetics and agriculture allowed him to serve as a professor in Western Kentucky University’s Department of Agriculture and Food Science. He has been actively involved in the hemp industry for 8 years, over which Travis has used his expertise to advocate for Kentucky farmers and collaborate with current and past legislators to progress legislation and changes that positively benefit the industry.

He has remained committed to the growth and stabilization of the hemp industry, staying current with trends, regulations, and research to offer support and guidance for Kentucky. He serves the community as an invaluable resource in agribusiness. Travis is constantly striving to provide superior hemp genetics and gather critical data in cannabis genetics and cultivation sciences across the nation.