White Labelling

New, just for you.

Whenever you put your heart and soul into anything, you want to share it with the world. Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing with our incredibly easy White Labelling solution, taking the best our state of the art CBD processing and adding your personal flair. Putting your personality, or vision on top of an already beloved product is an incredible recipe for success. 

With our team of incredible production and formulation specialists, and imaginative marketing team, we have exactly what you need to set you and your business up for success. Take a look below and we’ll get started. 

The Process

First Up!

A fun discovery call about to learn more about you and what your goals are, what you’re thinking and anything else that comes to mind. During this call, we’ll discuss products, timeline, branding and other aesthetic choices and options.  We know that you want your business or product to be an extension of you, and how important that is to be successful. We try to do the same here, with caring and a little daring, we can do almost anything.

Formula Development

After we get a few things ironed out, we’ll bring in our formulation team to talk about the different Cannabinoids we can include in your product to make it exactly what you want. Depending on the desired effect, your formula can be tweaked to aid many different situations. Whether you’re trying to end sleepless nights, help people with anxiety or soothe tense muscles or dry skin, there’s always something new to do with CBD. 


After the broad strokes of figuring out the direction of your product and chemical composition, we’ll have a brain storming session to plan out your voice, image, branding and packaging. Here’s where we bring your vision to life. Our product development team is always excited for our ideation sessions and even more enthusiastic when we get to help others take another step toward their goals. 

Say Hello!

Send us a quick message, we’re so excited to get to know you and your CBD goals!

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