Working With the Farmer to Provide a Better CBD Product for the World

We pride ourselves here at Aviette with the ability to work with the farmers to better prepare the land, develop genetics and produce the highest quality product from farm to service.

Superior & Safe CBD Products

We provide superior and safe Cannabis products for HEALTHY LIVING and HAPPINESS for OURSELVES & OUR PETS.

Aviette Bioprocessing establishes the benchmark for quality CBD products.

GMP Certified

GMP, cGMP certified and EU GMP compliant with fully-documented SOPs

Clean Room Construction

  • 40’ to 53′ transportable C1D2 clean-room processing facility that can be placed inside a larger structure.
  • Clean-room ceiling built to GPP, cGMP, EU-GMP standards.
  • FDA approved food grade flooring with seamless 4” stainless kickplates.
  • Seamless waterproof wash-down kemlite fiberglass panel walls.

Speed to Market

Our facility can produce large volumes of high quality products

Our Product Speaks for Itself

A single self-contained lab can process 1890 lbs of cannabis or hemp biomass and deliver up to 105L of high-quality distillate per day. We can grow as you grow.

Constant Quality

Whether it is our fields or our labs, we only deal with the best.

Our Product Speaks for Itself

The Aviette team has an unparalleled depth of knowledge of biomass processing gleaned from years in the agricultural industry. We now apply our expertise to  CBD extraction from hemp.

Our system can handle high volume orders

Let us know what you need, our design is expandable to fit any production needs that may arrive.


Weekly Production


Year Experience


Products available within a week


Pounds Biomass Processed Per Year

From Farm to Shelf: We work with the farmer to produce better products from the ground up.


We were able to work with Western Kentucky University to get a jumpstart on the knowledge and process of working with Hemp before the Farm bill went into effect.

Processing Management

We are able to provide a facility that can process the hemp plant to its highest potential, giving the farmer the best yield off of the flower.

Product Variety

Whether it is oil, gummies, cosmetics, or pet health products, Aviette can help create high-quality products for your business. Our experience is here to guide you on your journey.

One look and you will see why we call it Kentucky Honey.

Our product line is made with the highest quality CBD on the market, a product so pure we call it Kentucky Honey, straight out of the pot.

Interested in white labelling, starting your own business or getting your hemp crop to market, drop us a line we’d love to help.

We have you covered.


We establish a partnership with farmers who rely on a Hemp Processor to be financially viable, allowing them to produce high-quality food-grade CBD products. 


Our commitment to compliance allows us to speed product entrance into the marketplace and has differentiated Aviette BioProcessing from its competitors


This relationship is also integrated into biomass supply, product development, and technical assistance, This fosters trustworthiness and reliability for the farmer and our supply chain.


Setting the gold standard. We are quickly establishing our product excellence.