Wholesale CBD

A Whole Lot of Goodness

Whoever said too much of a good thing is a bad thing never thought about buying our CBD in bulk. With our state-of-the-art lab, incredible technicians, and wonderful support team  the CBD we produce at Aviette is the complete package you’re looking for. Everything we do is born in Kentucky, meaning that the hemp we choose, the farmers we work with and even our packaging all consists of pure Kentuckian energy, which of course, comes with a kind of horsepower behind it. If you’re looking for a CBD solution to a CBD problem, look no further and send us an email. 

The Process

First Up!

Give us a call so we can learn about you and what your goals are, what you’re thinking and anything else that comes to mind. During this call, we’ll discuss products, timeline and anything else you think we’d be able to take care of for you. We know that you want your business or product to be an extension of you, and how important that is to be successful. We try to do the same here, with caring and a little daring, we can do almost anything.

Formula Development

After we get a few things ironed out, we’ll bring in our formulation team to talk about the different Cannabinoids we can include in your product to make it exactly what you want. Depending on the desired effect, your formula can be tweaked to aid many different situations. Whether you’re trying to end sleepless nights, help people with anxiety or soothe tense muscles or dry skin, there’s always something new to do with CBD. 


After the broad strokes of figuring out the direction of your product in regards to chemical composition, we’ll figure out a couple more items. How much CBD you’ll be needing, a delivery schedule, and whatever else we can do to make your experience easier. Our fulfillment team will be giving you updates as soon as we have them to let you know where your order is in the process and when it’s on the way.

Say Hello!

Send us a quick message, we’re so excited to get to know you and your CBD goals!

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